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We work with you to develop a solid situation analysis to gauge your market competitiveness. Your business needs to attract your ideal prospects by optimizing in-bound discoverability. The problem with many digital marketers is that they don’t do enough to help you stand out from the other billions of web pages on the internet.

You need to start with a digital marketing strategy and then define and implement various tactics to fulfill on that strategy. This is our bailiwick and it is based on proven techniques as well as data we help you collect from your existing marketing efforts.

Small businesses are our focus because we love creating results quickly.

Real results pay your bills and help you grow, not stale re-baked assessments and reports. You need marketing that will lead to increased revenues. Some of the services we offer include:

  1. Website Design / Development
  2. SEO
  3. Local SEO
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Email Marketing / Marketing Automation
  6. Content Marketing
  7. Conversion Optimization / Demand Generation
  8. Online Advertising (PPC, Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  9. Offline Marketing Collateral (Print)
  10. Marketing Strategy, including SWOT Analysis and More
  11. Staff Marketing Training
  12. And Much More

Let VITA help you grow your business.

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Elements of Good Digital Marketing

Exploiting Social Media Virality

The world is full of examples of viral marketing, from the latest pop star's sensational video to funny kitten and kid videos on YouTube. However, there are certain brands that have achieved this level of super-stardom with their targeted advertising in a way that marketers around the world would love to emulate. What is that amazing "special sauce" that provides a boost to some pieces of...

6 Great Reasons to Start a Blog on your Website

The benefits of blogging for your website would be tough to overstate, with everything from SEO boosts to discoverability, social virality and plenty of other fun digital marketing terms making the list. The truth is, creating a business blog allows you to have a personalized voice where you’re speaking directly to your prospects and customers in a way that helps humanize your brand and make you...

Marketing Thought Leadership

The Secret to Disruption: It’s Something you DON’T KNOW that you DON’T KNOW

The Vision All great companies have a secret to success. I’ll get into the exact details of the secret later, but let’s just say that it equates to one thing – the drive to figure out something that works for your company and the passion to continue doing it. It all starts with a vision, which develops a compatible and winning mindset, and then into a set of processes to...

Leverage Neuromarketing to Market More Effectively

There's a new trend in marketing, and it is based on hard science -- specifically targeting the ancient parts of our brain that pre-date human existence! Neuromarketing experts claim that by simply changing the way we market to individuals, we can turn on a secret, hidden "Buy Now" button that will cause people to take action. Whether you believe the hype completely or feel as though this is yet...

Digital Marketing is Just Marketing

7 Tips for Writing Copy That Converts

Solid, persuasive copywriting is essential to a successful business. Copywriting includes everything from the words on your website to your blog posts to the scripts for your videos. You need to be able to get your message across to your prospects in a way that is interesting, memorable, and motivational. Here are seven copywriting tips that improve your conversions. 1:...

VITA Marketing University

Intuitive and Effective

PR Smith’s SOSTAC® Plan is a marketing model developed in the 1990s. It is an acronym for Smith’s six fundamental facets of marketing: situation, objectives, strategy, tactics, action and control. VITA Digital Marketing uses this framework because it is comprehensive and effective.

SOSTAC® contains a general marketing strategy which can be applied in various commercial situations. It is an extension of the SWOT analysis, which helps businesses get ready for marketing campaigns; the main difference is that SOSTAC® focuses more on the implementation stages of the process and on marketing communications.

Steps in SOSTAC®
  1. Situation Analysis assesses where a business is
  2. Objectives sets the mission or goals for the business
  3. Strategy is an overview of how to achieve the objectives
  4. Tactics are the detailed approach of how to achieve the business goals
  5. Actions are used to determine who does what, and when
  6. Control establishes how the process is monitored

SOSTAC® is a registered trademark of PR Smith. For more information on SOSTAC® Planning &
becoming a SOSTAC® Certified Planner visit 

Help with Every Major Digital Marketing Challenge

Magnetic WordPress Website

Your website is your digital headquarters. It is the center of all your online marketing activity. What shape is you digital headquarters in? A well-designed and developed website is a work of art.

Content Strategy and Development

Content marketing is the fuel that keeps everything else in the digital marketing machinery working. It is not a new strategy. It is one of the oldest and most effective marketing strategies ever devised.

Social Media Management

You need to get your message in front of your ideal prospects and you want to generate great word-of-mouth buzz about your business.

eMail Marketing

Email also has the highest ROI of any form of marketing and the highest degree of customer engagement. Almost everyone starts their day by checking their inbox.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation starts with email marketing, but it can be much more. Marketing automation can integrate across social media, web, email, and mobile.

Marketing Collateral

We make sure that you get the message out to your target market in the most effective way possible, whether that means online or offline.


Search Engine Optimization

If your business isn’t doing SEO correctly, you will be invisible to the vast majority of your potential buyers. SEO also has the highest residual benefit of any digital marketing tactic.

Web and Marketing Analytics

Once you are able to harness the power of your own analytics you will be able to pivot faster and always be one step ahead of the competition.


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