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Email is the veteran among digital marketing channels. But, there is a reason email is still being used and so many other “big, new things” have lost their lustre. Email is easy and efficient. Not only that, but email also has the highest ROI of any form of marketing.

Email has the highest degree of customer engagement. Almost everyone starts their day by checking their inbox. Yes indeed, many people check their email compulsively throughout the day. People are more likely to read at least some of an email than they are to read an ad. Marketing emails are easy to test and optimize. You can easily measure the results of a campaign so you know if you are getting your money’s worth.

But, email marketing is also fluid. The legal standards and consequences for sending spam email are evolving. The last thing you want to do is to put your company in jeopardy of having to pay a substantial fine because your marketing emails are considered spam. You need an expert to guide your efforts to make sure they are fully compliant and effective.

If you aren’t actively engaged in email marketing you are leaving money on the table. Email marketing helps you:

  • Convert leads into customers
  • Increase customer retention
  • Improve your revenue from existing customers

For these reasons, you cannot afford to not be doing email marketing.

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.” David Newman

Types of Emails

Email marketing is often thought of as strictly a series of sales emails trying to get you to buy something. But, there are many different kinds of email messages you can use to help build your business. Some of the most effective types of emails include:

  • Information emails—instead of sending a white paper, run a drip campaign that gives useful information about an industry problem. The last email in the series will present your solution
  • Thank you emails—The power of saying thank you is often underappreciated. These simple messages help you improve your customer retention rates.
  • Welcome emails—Make sure your new customers know you are happy to have them and that they know how to get answers to any of their questions.
  • Newsletters—Keep your brand top-of-mind of current and former clients. If the newsletter is useful and sent regularly it can help increase revenues from existing clients
  • Special Offers and Events—Let everyone on your list know about any promotions you are running or about any events you are sponsoring they might be interested in.
  • Sales emails—These actually come in a variety of different forms. But, email is an effective way to drive traffic to your offerings. When done correctly, it can help you stabilize revenues.

Email Marketing Strategy Development

Email marketing must be done strategically. You already know how to send out a bunch of emails. Here at VITA Digital Marketing, we help you develop an email marketing strategy that includes everything from how to build your email list to what messages to send and when to send them.

We take the time to understand your business’s biggest pain points and target audience and craft an email marketing strategy to address them. Email marketing allows you to form strong bonds of trust with your prospects and customers. You must never take that bond for granted.

Our Email Marketing Services

Our email marketing services go beyond just sending out the messages. Our services include:

  • Subscription form development—We help persuade people to sign up for your list.
  • Integration with simple CRMs—Email marketing produces a lot of useful data, we make sure your CRM captures it.
  • Establish your email service provider (ESP) account—You need a reliable system to manage your list and messages.
  • Email design and template development—We make sure your emails look professional.
  • Email copywriting and graphic development—Your emails need to push the right emotional and intellectual buttons to be effective. We help you create messages that get results.
  • Results analysis—Effective marketing is dynamic. We are constantly reviewing what works best and testing new idea to make sure you get the best results from your email marketing.

Helping You Develop Greater Marketing Automation

Once we have helped you get established with email marketing, we are also able to help you take things to the next level. You only have a limited amount of time and money to spend on marketing. Fortunately, email marketing is an area where once you have a solid foundation, you can automate a lot of the work.

We help you set up smooth email marketing automation systems so you can focus on serving your clients and customers.

Help with Every Major Digital Marketing Challenge

Magnetic WordPress Website

Your website is your digital headquarters. It is the center of all your online marketing activity. What shape is you digital headquarters in? A well-designed and developed website is a work of art.

Content Strategy and Development

Content marketing is the fuel that keeps everything else in the digital marketing machinery working. It is not a new strategy. It is one of the oldest and most effective marketing strategies ever devised.

Social Media Management

You need to get your message in front of your ideal prospects and you want to generate great word-of-mouth buzz about your business.

eMail Marketing

Email also has the highest ROI of any form of marketing and the highest degree of customer engagement. Almost everyone starts their day by checking their inbox.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation starts with email marketing, but it can be much more. Marketing automation can integrate across social media, web, email, and mobile.

Marketing Collateral

We make sure that you get the message out to your target market in the most effective way possible, whether that means online or offline.


Search Engine Optimization

If your business isn’t doing SEO correctly, you will be invisible to the vast majority of your potential buyers. SEO also has the highest residual benefit of any digital marketing tactic.

Web and Marketing Analytics

Once you are able to harness the power of your own analytics you will be able to pivot faster and always be one step ahead of the competition.


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