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Why SEO Still Matters For Your Business

Search engines used to be the only way for your business to get discovered on the internet. Now, you have a variety of different marketing tools at your disposal. New discovery technologies, like Artificial Intelligence (AI), are coming online every day. But, search engine optimization is still one of the most important tools for attracting your ideal clients and customers.

Search engines are most people’s first stop when researching a problem or need. Reviews, social media profiles, and videos are all listed in search engine results. If your business isn’t doing SEO correctly, you will be invisible to the vast majority of your potential buyers.

SEO also has the highest residual benefit of any digital marketing tactic. If you were to invest $100 in pay-per-click (PPC) ads, you could generate 20 clicks to your website or offer.

But, if you invest $100 in good SEO, you could drive 200 clicks, or more, over a period of 18 months.

Avoid Organic SEO at your Peril

We find that many businesses are overwhelmed with the complexity of digital marketing and SEO guidelines. Have you ever thought it would be easier to just ignore SEO?

In today’s online environment deciding to ignore SEO is the same thing as deciding to ignore the internet. SEO is a diagnostic of all digital marketing health. It is the main way your prospective clients and customers will discover your business.

Some digital marketing firms will talk you into paid search to compensate for poor SEO. Although this may be good advice for the very short term, you will soon realize that the expense of long-term paid search is prohibitive. In the end, it’s content that will drive success in both paid search and organic search.

So in 2017, no business expecting to grow, can afford the cost of doing nothing when it comes to SEO.

SEO is the Future of Business Discoverability

SEO is essential today and likely to become even more important in the future. Apple, Amazon, and Google are already taking control of the consumer AI market with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. You can ask these friendly services anything and they will do their best to answer you questions. Guess where these early AI services get their answers? Search engine algorithms.

If you can master SEO you will control the your future.

SEO is Simple, But Not Easy

Do you panic when they read about the newest changes to Google’s search algorithm? Do you worry that you will get punished by the changes. Here at VITA Digital Marketing, we pay attention to the changes, but we never panic. Why not?

We understand that Google, Bing, and all the other search engines are focused on the customer experience. In other words, good marketing. So, if you aren’t using black hat tactics and trying to “cheat” or “trick” the system you won’t get punished by sudden rule changes.

We focus on creating high quality marketing that search engines love to find and prospects love to read and share. We build marketing for the long term and proven SEO techniques. Most of our clients will find that with every algorithm change, their sites will do a little better because more of the scammers have been wiped out.

SEO is simple to understand, but it is not easy to pull off. You have to have the patience and expertise to get it right. Would you like to speed up the process?

“Organic leads convert better, come cheaper, and stay longer than leads generated from advertising.” Brandon Pindulic

How Our SEO Services Work

SEO is the foundation of everything we do. When we are creating web pages, blog posts, social media campaigns, and paid ads, we always start with making sure your content is optimized for search engines.

Search engines have gotten a lot more sophisticated over the past several years. Many gurus had declared the SEO is dead, only to have to eat their words later. SEO is not dead, but it is constantly evolving. However, the core mission is always the same—help your target market easily find what they are looking for in their favorite search engine.

We use a five-part strategy when it comes to SEO:

  1. Strategy
  2. Research
  3. Keywords
  4. Links
  5. Synergy

The core of this strategy is helping you get more business, earn more trust, and to make more money.


Unlike many so-called SEO experts we don’t start with keywords. Instead we focus on creating a strategy aimed at achieving your goals. We take the revolutionary approach of first listening to your needs and then crafting a strategy to meet your needs.

You may have a simple goal. To be On-Top of Google search rankings. But, we have found that being on the first page of Google is just a proxy for the real digital marketing goal. You want the right people coming to your page—and then you want them to click an offer, schedule a consultation, and hand you their money.

We create an SEO strategy that is more focused on driving quality traffic than exact search engine ranking. We still work hard to make sure your business is placing well in the search engines, but we also make sure those search results translate into site visits and conversions.

In other words, our SEO strategy is to improve your revenues, not just your search engine ranking.


Once we have developed the SEO strategy we have to begin intensive research. We need to understand your business funnel, who your target market is, what they are searching for, and analyze what your competitors are doing.

We use a variety of different tools to tease out all the information we need to make you successful. Instead of just guessing, we take the time to actually find out what the best keywords for your site will be, which kinds of links will prove the most valuable to you, and how we can leverage you’re the rest of your web presence to improve traffic to your site.


Only after we are confident that we understand your business and what it will take to make you succeed to we start creating lists of keywords.

Keywords are really nothing more than the words and phrases your customers type into search engines to find the answers they need. They are clues that search engines use when deciding what sites to show someone.

But, not all keywords are equal. Some keywords are competitive. It is hard to rank high for them because so many websites are fighting over them. These common keywords are actually less valuable to you if you are a newer or smaller business.

You will still want to use them, but they will not be your primary focus.

The place where businesses like yours will make the highest return on investment is long-tail keywords.

Theses are phrases that are less competitive, but that still have decent search traffic. You will actually make more money narrowing your focus. For example “dog walking” is a tough keyword to rank high for. But, “Akron, Ohio dog walker” or “Claremont California poodle walker” will be much easier keywords to rank high and drive highly targeted traffic to your site.

We never use black hat techniques like keyword stuffing. But, we also do much more than just make sure a page has some magic number of keywords.

We make sure that the keywords are in the right places. This includes in headlines, sub headlines, image captions, and in the site metadata.

We view our job as making sure you get a strong return on your investment. The goal of SEO isn’t to break even—the goal is to help your revenues soar.


While keywords get most of the SEO attention, it is often the links to and from a website that really help boost its search engine visibility. Links are also one area where some SEO firms have burned their clients. Shady tactics like link farms and link chains usually work initially, but are almost always swiftly punished by search engines causing websites to virtually disappear.

We use a linking strategy built on providing great content. We work hard to get links from high authority sites. We also makes sure all of the outbound links from your website go to useful content and not dead-ends.

Links from review sites like Yelp!, Angie’s List, and TripAdvisor can also help increase your exposure and improve your SEO. We work with you to encourage honest reviews from happy clients and customers on the most relevant review platforms for your industry.

We also make sure that your website internal linking is strong. WE make it easy for your ideal clients and customers to find all the information they need and then to click the contact or buy button.

Search engines reward websites that have a solid network of inbound, outbound, and internal links.

You get a website that is seen as authoritative and influential. Our link building efforts make you more attractive to search engines and your ideal customers and clients. But we won’t lie, this will take work.

Creating Digital Marketing Synergy With SEO

The last step in our SEO services is making sure everything works together. When you have valuable SEO content, social media profiles that link to your site, a strong link network, and good reviews you, achieve SEO synergy.

All of the different parts work together to give you greater exposure, higher quality traffic, and better search engine placement than the parts could ever achieve separately.

At VITA Digital Marketing we believe that any job worth doing is worth doing right. We are proud of our SEO services and stand behind the results we deliver to our clients.

We would love the chance to talk to you about your SEO needs.

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If your business isn’t doing SEO correctly, you will be invisible to the vast majority of your potential buyers. SEO also has the highest residual benefit of any digital marketing tactic.

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