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Why Conversion Optimization Matters for Your Business

Your conversion rate is the most important metric in your business. If you are able to convert a high percentage of leads into paying clients or customers, you can easily scale your business by increasing your leads. However, if you are unable to convert leads, it doesn’t matter how many prospects you attract into your sales funnel, your business will always be struggling to meet its revenue goals.

Conversion optimization looks at your marketing processes, funnels, and sales efforts and improves the quality and quantity of the leads at each phase. The ultimate goal of conversion optimization is to increase the number of paying customers and clients you onboard. More successful conversion means increased revenues, greater stability for the company, and more opportunities for growth.

All businesses, no matter how stable and successful can improve their conversion process. We like to say that effective conversion optimization is a steady march into the unknown, until you master a particular process (for now). Then you shift focus to the next process. Before long, you will achieve marketing and sales efficiencies you previously couldn’t dream of.

This is why conversion optimization matters.

“Every aspect of marketing is entirely useless unless it produces conversions.” Jeremy Smith

Foundation for Conversion Optimization

When you are trying to improve conversions it helps to know what an optimized conversion experience looks like. One of the best examples of this is Amazon knows how to sell. From the moment you get to the home page, finding and buying what you are looking for is easy. But, Amazon’s conversion goes far beyond just selling you one item.

All along your journey on Amazon you will be exposed to other related items that you may have never thought of before. However, when you see them on the page you can’t help buy feel like you need them too. Amazon is the master of the upsell.

Amazon is so good at selling because they have a plan for how you should interact with their website.

You can follow this example by thinking through how each of your buyer personas will use your site. Plan out their journey click-by-click.

In addition to planning out the journey for your buying personas, you can also learn from Amazon’s example by:

  • Knowing your customers – testing, testing, testing – Knowing your customers
  • Creating the right message – testing, testing, testing – Creating the right message
  • Having the right design – testing, testing, testing – Having the right design
  • Understanding the big picture – testing, testing, testing – Understanding the big picture

Get the message?

Getting to Know Your Customers

Everyone knows that trust is the foundation of every business relationship. How do you build trust? Do you trust strangers? They key to building trust, and increasing conversions is to get to know you customers and allow them to get to know you.

This goes beyond just being able to rattle off demographics and talk about their personas. You need to have empathy for your customers. You need to understand what their pain points are.

If you can talk to your customers in their own language about their problems, you will have much ease selling them your solution. However, many businesses only know their customers on a surface level.

VITA helps you get to know who your ideal customers are, and what they need from you.

Creating the Message

Nobody likes to be sold to. But, everyone enjoys buying things that they think will make them happy or their life easier. Businesses must overcome this paradox through their messaging. They need have copy that creates trust, and invites leads to take the next step in the buying process in a way that feels authentic and not “slick” or “salesy”.

The right message for your customers will be unique to your business. You cannot craft the best message without first getting to know your customers. Your messaging needs to reinforce the relationship of trust you are building with your customers.

Why Design Matters

Appearances matter. If a website is ugly or slow, it won’t matter how great the messaging is. Nobody will read it. The design of your website, and your entire brand, should created purposefully. You don’t pick colors because they are pretty or choose images just because you like them.

Your design should be customer focused. What message and impression do your design choices make on prospects and leads?

Just like with your message, the best design for your website and branding will depend on the characteristics and preferences of your customers.

Testing for Conversion

Even the best marketers will not create a perfect, seamless, funnel on the first try. Conversion optimization is about iteration. You need to test different elements to see what your leads and customers respond too. This means not being afraid to fail.

Some of your attempts at messaging or design will not be effective. That only means you need to keep trying. Having an optimized funnel also means not settling for a working funnel.

You need to be continually testing to see if making small changes impacts your conversion rates. If you are setting up your testing correctly, even a failure will yield useful data that will improve your conversion rates in the future.

Seeing the Big Picture

Sales funnels have a lot of different moving parts. It is easy to get lost in the details of landing pages, opt-in offers, and email subject lines. Conversion optimization is about making sure all of the small pieces work together to accomplish your overall goal of increasing your revenues by attracting more paying customers.

You cannot afford to lose sight of the big, strategic picture while you tweak the small tactics you are using to meet that goal.

VITA Digital makes sure that strategy always comes before tactics. Our job is to make sure any changes to the components of your sales funnel are in the service of your larger goal.

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